DiGiWAGASHi is an upcoming GPT-powered app that offers a unique way to engage with climate data through Wagashi. Customize and order your own DataWagashi pieces through a data menu, reflecting your choice of data or personal inputs, and receive tailored recipes to create these data-infused treats at home and share with friends.

This experimental tool is a provocation of bringing climate awareness efforts into consumer products and maximizing the reach by open sourcing this idea.

Imagine walking into your favorite cafe and ordering desserts not by ingredients, but by picking up a menu called "Biodiversity Forecast in 60 years," and choosing from "Rainforest," "Desert," or "Ocean." Maybe you’ll have a weekly smoothie subscription that alters its formula based on a synthesis of the average air quality (climate data) and how active you are (personal health tracking data). The next day, a box of unique foods arrives, driven by your data choices, offering delightful surprises. This not only gives you a tasty treat but also connects you to a bigger data story, inspiring awareness and action.