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Meet the Designers

Tiange Wang

Tiange Wang is a multidisciplinary designer and creative technologist. She creates human-centered and data-driven experiences through interaction, software, mix reality, space and data visualization, and designs for experiences that bridge the digital and physical worlds, including novel phygital interfaces, smart homes, educational games, unmanned retail, casual technology and spatial storytelling with extended realities and generative AI.

Tiange is currently a software designer at IDEO, where she has worked across various industries in North America and Japan, and crafted user-friendly and culturally-sensitive experiences for clients from worldwide trading conglomerate to large biotechnology company to small home care brand.

Current collaborators

I-Yang Huang

Community @ IDEO

Past collaborators

Peitong Chen

Zhaodi Wang


the Data

Data visualization is a powerful tool for making sense of complex information, but it often solely relies on the visual to communicate insights. DataWagashi is an experimental approach of creating and sharing data stories through additional sensory elements like taste, smell, texture and physical interaction.

Wagashi are traditional Japanese confections deeply rooted in the idea of capturing the transience of seasons. Considered a microcosm of time and space, it is a perfect medium to embody the otherwise intangible information about the world. By embracing a sensory upgrade from data visualization to data physicalization, DataWagashi turns data into an experience that is sharable among people and accessible to those with different sensory capabilities.

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